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Wiha 43177 TorqueVario T-Handle With TorqueVario -S Adjustable Screwdriver VDE

SKU 43177
by Wiha
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Meets your requirements

A variably settable torque covers a large application area.

Lowers your costs

The correct torque protects you from warranty claims.

Makes handling easier

Effortless and comfortable transmission of high torques thanks to T-handle with ComfortGrip.

Increases your efficiency

The correct torque avoids damaging material and no follow-up work is necessary.

Offers you full protection

Torque blades tested at 10,000 V AC and approved for 1,000 V AC.


Fastening screws at a specific torque value over 5 Nm with a normal torque screwdriver is a practically impossible task. The fully adjustable torque screwdriver with T-handle comes to the rescue. With a setting range between 5-14 Nm, it unites forces with the insulated torque blades for T-handle to cover a large application field. To set a torque value, the side lid is opened using a one-cent coin. Utilising the adjusting tool provided, the desired torque value can be set and read quickly and easily on the numerical Nm display. A clearly audible and tactile signal is emitted when triggering the set torque value, guaranteeing process-safe work, protecting material and eliminating follow-up work. The integrated friction clutch prevents the user from exceeding the required torque value. With a release accuracy of +/- 6%, the torque tool complies with EN ISO 6789 requirements. As a VDE- and IEC-certified product, the torque screwdriver with T-handle is approved for use on live parts up to 1,000 V AC and offers electricians full protection during their daily work.


Manufactured acc. to IEC 60900.

DIN EN ISO 6789.


Suitable for controlled fastening of predefined torques for tasks such as industrial assembly work.


Only for use with insulated Wiha torque blades for T-handles in series 28379 from 2018 onwards.