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Envirovent SIL100T Timer Axial Silent Extractor Fan

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Envirovent SIL100T Timer Axial Silent Extractor Fan
Fitted with motors mounted on silent elastic blocks, this fan delivers incredibly quiet running and exceptional performance with stylish features.
This model has a built in run on timer which means the fan comes on when you turn on the room light and then continues to run for a pre-set time after the light is switched off. This can be set to 5, 20 or 30 minutes.
• Sealed for life ball bearings Silent elastic blocks IP45 rated
• Backdraught shutter
• Neon running light
• IP44 rated
• Extract Rate: 26 litres per second, 96 cubic metres per hour.
• Sound output: 26.5 dB (A) @ 3 metres
• Power Consumption: 8 watts
Dimensions: 158mm wide x 158mm high.
Spigot is 99mm diameter (for connection to 100mm ducting) and projects for 80mm beyond installed surface.
Please note that this fan will only work as a timer fan if the correct wiring has been done. Please consult a qualified electrician to see if you have the correct wiring in place to install a timer fan.