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Aico Ei603RF RadioLINK+ Battery Heat Alarm

by Aico
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Aico's EI603RF is a RadioLINK Battery Powered Heat Alarm. Detects all domestic fire types with no electrical wiring required.

Powered by a 10 Year Lithium battery (not replaceable) designed to outlast the useful life of the alarm.

Up to 12 alarms can be interconnected in one system.

Suitable for kitchens, areas where smoke alarms may be subjected to false alarms. Aesthetically pleasing, compact design.

The built-in sounder will provide a minimum sound output of 85dB at 3 m when the temperature reaches 58⁰C

Automatically reset and silence when the temperature drops below this limit and sends a signal to other connected RadioLINK to stop

The Alarm is fitted with a large easy-to-use Test to facilitate frequent testing of the alarm. The test button can be used to silence nuisance alarms e.g. cooking fumes, for a 10-minute period

Perfect for use in kitchens or garages, the Ei603RF RadioLINK Battery Heat Alarm is activated by heat from fire rather than smoke, meaning it won’t be triggered by cooking smoke or steam.

Battery powered with a sealed-in lithium battery

Easy to fit – twist on base and multi-fixings

10-year life

Uses built-in RadioLINK+ technology for interconnection and data extraction

Connects wirelessly with all other Aico wireless interconnection products