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Wiha 45289 23 Piece Multifunctional Wall Box Installation Tool Set

SKU 45289
by Wiha
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23 pcs. incl. multifunctional bag - Work in a perfectly protected way

The mounting and installation of wallboxes require special qualifications from the employees as well as safe, certified equipment. With the tool set, the user always has the right tool at hand. Safely stored and tidy in a robust multifunctional bag, these electrician's tools are perfectly suited for mobile use. As the winner of a design award, the bag from Wiha inspires not only with its patented design, but also with its multifunctional usability. When unfolded, it functions as a work bench stand for easy retrieval of the tools. The strap for hanging the bag on the wall and the removable base provide additional value. With its versatile interchangeable bit system, the tool set offers optimum space saving. Thanks to Wiha slimTechnology, the included slimBit blades are up to 33% slimmer and can thus easily reach low-lying screw and spring elements. In combination with the extra-short Stubby handle, screws can be effortlessly reached, even in confined spaces. The set contents can be used in a variety of ways, so you will always find the right tool, even when working at a distribution cabinet. Each tool in the set has undergone individual piece testing as per international IEC 60900 standard, allowing users to work safely on live parts up to 1,000 V AC.

Standard - Tested according to IEC 60900.

Application - Insulated tools for working on charging stations and wall-mounted vehicle charging equipment.

1x Stubby
1x Screwdriver Handle
1x Torque Handle
1x Universal key (44001)
1x Stripping multi-tool (44242)
1x Cable cutter spring 210 mm, 8 1/4" (43662)
1x Needle nose pliers curved shape, approx. 40° 200 mm, (26729)
1x Extension electric for slimBits (43292)
1x Setting tool for torque screwdriver (26864)
1x Adapter for slimBits 6.0 mm (35870)
1x slimBit Phillips PH1 x 75 mm (34583)
1x slimBit Phillips PH2 x 75 mm (34584)
1x slimBit Slotted 3.5 mm x 75 mm (41159)
1x slimBit Slotted 5.5 mm x 75 mm (34581)
1x slimBit PlusMinus/Pozidriv SL/PZ1 x 75 mm (34589)
1x slimBit PlusMinus/Pozidriv SL/PZ2 x 75 mm (34590)
1x slimBit TORX® T20 x 75 mm (35509)
1x slimBit TORX® T25 x 75 mm (36071)
1x slimBit Hex 2.5 mm x 75 mm (37224)
1x slimBit Hex 3.0 mm x 75 mm (37147)
1x slimBit Hex 4.0 mm x 75 mm (37225)
1x slimBit Hex 5.0 mm x 75 mm (37226)
1x Functional bag Empty (43474)