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WIHA 42267 Set 2 SpeedE VDE Screwdriver 13 Pcs Set

SKU 42267
by Wiha
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Mixed 13 pcs in L Boxx Mini with slimBits, easyTorque adapter, batteries and UK charger

Drive with speed – fix with feeling.

Protects your health

Recommended by doctors and therapists at German Campaign for Healthier Backs.

Increases your control

Fixing by hand with a deft touch.

Offers you full protection

slimBits tested at 10,000 V AC and approved for 1,000 V AC.

Increases your speed

Work twice as fast thanks to three-step process.

Protects your material

Electric screw fastening with protection function to prevent damage to materials (max. 0.4 Nm)

Anyone who spends much of the day fastening screws knows how much time it takes and the considerable strain it causes to wrists for long periods of time. With the world's first e-screwdriver speedE® by Wiha, such problems become a thing of the past once and for all.

With the speedE®, you fasten screws twice as fast as with a conventional screwdriver and still have full control over the tightening force thanks to the material protection function. On reaching 0.4 Nm, power-assisted fastening switches off automatically to protect the material and users can finish fastening carefully by hand.

Thanks to its electric ratchet function and award-winning SoftFinish handle shape, the speedE® noticeably reduces strain on joints, tendons and muscles. It is recommended by German doctors and therapists at German Campaign for Healthier Backs for this very reason.

The integrated LED light shines directly onto the screw and work piece that the user is working on. The e-screwdriver improves everyday efficiency, particularly due to its compact design. At least 800 screws can be fastened with its standard 18500 batteries when charged.

It can also handle numerous different screw profiles when used in combination with Wiha slimBits. In combination with the VDE certified slimBits the speedE® offers electricians full protection during their daily work.


Ideal tool for all screw-fastening tasks, such as: power socket installation, work in switch cabinets, industrial maintenance and installation, motorised equipment maintenance and repair, household appliances and white goods, window and door installation, heating, air conditioning and plumbing installation, and bicycle, motorcycle and lawnmower repairs. It is also perfectly suited for furniture assembly, repairs and other fastening tasks related to hobbies in the home.

Set Contains:

1x E-screwdriver handle speedE 1x L-BOXX Mini for speedE®
1x Battery set, 18500 Li-ion
1x Operating instructions for speedE®
1x Charger for 18500 Li-ion batteries

1x Bit slimBit Slotted 3.5mm
1x Bit slimBit Slotted 5.5mm
1x Bit slimBit Phillips PH1
1x Bit slimBit Phillips PH2
1x Bit slimBit Pozidriv PZ1
1x Bit slimBit Pozidriv PZ2
1x Bit slimBit Pozidriv PlusMinus SL/PZ1
1x Bit slimBit Pozidriv PlusMinus SL/PZ2

1x easyTorque torque adapter 2.8Nm