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Wiha 44241 Stripping & Assembly Tool for Coaxial Cable 6 - 8mm And Other Cables

SKU 44241
by Wiha
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For coaxial cable with F-connector.

For safe and precise stripping.

Simplifies your work

Improved accessibility in confined working situations such as in installation boxes due to narrow design.

Saves time

Stripping of coaxial cable in only one work step with fixed dimensions and length stop.

Saves space

Compact tool with all functions for the processing and assembly of coaxial cables with F-connector.

Product description

Several work steps are required when processing a coaxial cable with F-screw connector. The Wiha stripping and assembly tool offers the user all the necessary functions in one compact tool. Precisely fitting stripping of coaxial cables with an outer diameter of 6 to 8 mm can be carried out in just one work step. The stripping is performed quickly and in a space-saving manner by means of multiple rotary movements using two pairs of blades positioned opposite each other. The already adjusted stripping dimension is designed for common F-screw connectors. In the next step, the integrated gripping jaws can be used to screw F-connectors onto the already stripped cable. Then the open hexagon SW11 ensures easy assembly or disassembly of the F-connector. The hexagon offers very good accessibility and is easy to operate, especially in confined work environments. For safe and space-saving storage, the tool can be locked in a closed position by means of a slide.


For incremental stripping of all commonly used coaxial cables (e.g. antenna and transmission cables) with 6 – 8 mm outer diameter. For the assembly or disassembly of F-screw connectors.