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Luceco Outdoor Wall Mounted Black Storm LED Photocell IP65 Dawn to Dusk Sensor

by Luceco
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£18.99 - £18.99
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For use with LED or traditional lighting.

Maximize energy savings by using photocell control to manage your outdoor lighting. Allowing your lights to automatically turn themselves on and off with present daylight, removes the need for individual switching, saving time and money with ecologically friendly control.

High quality light dependent resistor. Explicitly angles to avoid shadowing from soffits and provide consistent switching.

Features & benefits

  •  2 minute cloud time delay
  • 500W led load
  • 1000W resistive load
  • Automated dusk till dawn control for exterior lighting

Suitable applications

Residential outdoor security lighting including driveways, gardens, patios, entrances and walkways.

Improve the safety and security of your home, automatically turning on lights when it gets dark. Automatically turning off at dawn.