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BG Antique Brass Quadplex Screened TV FM and Satellite x2 + Return & 1 Gang Tel

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The versatile Antique Brass range from BG Nexus are popular options for both the vintage and contemporary setting. The aged effect of the plate adds a warmth unachievable with chromes. the range is extensive enough for a range of different environments and easy to maintain thanks to the lacquered surface.

This screened Quadplex socket from British General has an outlet for TV FM and 2 satellites, plus a return and shuttered telephone socket. The metal housing helps stop RF leakage and signal loss, as well as protecting against impulse noise and EMI/ RF interference which can cause the TV picture to pixelate. As the connection itself is surrounded by a metal housing it also tends to make for a far more secure connection which is less likely to wobble, fallout and break. This socket has a premium Antique Brass finish, a sleek and slim profile and softly rounded edges to add a touch of luxury to your decor.