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BG Nexus Brushed Steel Single Master Touch Dimmer Switch White Insert NBSTDM1W

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Touch Dimmer Switch – Intelligent Trailing Edge

  • Intelligent trailing edge dimmers have a lower minimum load than leading edge dimmers, offering greater compatibility for LED, Halogen, CFL and incandescent lamps
  • Soft start brings the lights to a set level in around 1 second and extends the life of lamps
  • Overload protection prevents failure if you mistakenly connect your dimmer to too many lights or transformers, and will turn the lights down or off until the load is corrected
  • Smooth dimming control
  • Silent operation - no noise when dimming
  • Support for lower wattage lamps eliminates flicker
  • Touch dimmer control
  • Captive backed out terminal screws prevent screw loss
  • Manufactured to BS EN 60669-2-1
  • 3 x 1mm² 2 x 1.5mm² & 1 x 2.5mm²
  • Minimum mounting box depth – 25mm

Load Rating (Max/Min per module)

  • Dimmable LED 5-100W
  • Tungsten/Incandescent 5-200W
  • Halogen 20-200W
  • Dimmable Compact Fluorescent (CFL) 5-100W