Wylex Compact RCBO 6a 10a 16a 20a 32a 40a Amp Type B 30mA Mini RCBO NHXS1B NHX

by Wylex

Wylex Compact Type B RCBO's for domestic and similar installations are compatible with NM Amendment 3 all-metal consumer units which are compliant with the new 18th Edition wiring regulations.

The RCBO's combine the overcurrent functions of an MCB with the earth fault functions of an RCD in a single unit.

Wylex miniature RCBO's provide more wiring space in the enclosure for the installer making the whole installation process easier and quicker. During installation, resistance testing live and neutral conductors do not have to be disconnected.

Now with an increased level of safety these RCBO’s include switched neutral as standard. A faulty or damaged circuit is fully isolated by disconnecting the live and neutral conductors. Healthy circuits remain in service, only the faulty circuit is switched off. This avoids danger and prevents inconvenience in the event of a fault (now required by regulation 314.1).

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