BG Nexus Polished Chrome Grid Switch Components Full Range


BG Nexus Polished Chrome Grid Switch Components Full Range

Bespoke Grid Switch

Ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, Grid Matches Nexus finishes to provide an extended range.

Grid switches are often used in kitchens, utility rooms and dining rooms so that you have control over the various appliances all in one bespoke grid switch.

They can also be used when you require a custom made switch with 2 intermediates or a single switch alongside a dimmer.

To make up a complete grid switch you will require the following items:

  • Back box (surface mounded or flush mounted)
  • Grid yoke/ Grid Frames (These frames are for all screwed plate versions)
  • Front plate/ cover plate (Nexus metal range)
  • Switches (labelled switches to match your appliances or plain switches)

Front Plates/ cover plate

A switch takes up one gang of a face plate. So if you require 3 switches you will need to buy a 3 Gang face plate etc. We also supply blank switches for when you only require 5 switches on a 6 gang face plate or 7 switches from an 8 gang face plate.

Grid yoke/ Grid Frames              

  • For 1 and 2 gang face plates you will need GFR12
  • For 3 and 4 gang face plates you will need GFR34
  • For 6 and 8 gang face plates you will need 2x GFR34

Back Boxes

  • For 1 and 2 gang grid switches you will need a standard single back box.
  • For 3 and 4 gang grid switches you will need a standard double back box.
  • For 6 and 8 gang you will need a special back box (please select MC503 from our drop down menu) this can be surface or flush mounted.


The writing is embossed into the switch

  • We have a range of labelled switches that are embossed to match your appliances.
  • We also have Dimmer switches, Fuse Switches, Blank switches and many more.
  • The blank switch is not a working switch
  • The dimmer switches are ONLY compatible with leading edge LED bulbs (Not compatible with Trailing edge).

Please note that BG Grid items are only compatible with other BG grid components.