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The dangers of an electric short circuit

In this article, we discuss a common issue that many homes face which is having an electrical short circuit.

What is an electrical short circuit?

An electrical short circuit is where an electric current is flowing through a part of an electrical circuit that’s not intended to carry electric current.

This can happen, for example, when a wire touches another wire or a metal object, which then creates a spark. This can be a risk to anyone handling electrical devices or to anyone who comes into contact with the plug or socket.

Another cause of an electrical short circuit is when the insulation on electrical wiring melts and separates from the copper wire inside.

In this situation, the issue is more visible as you will be able to see any melted insulation when examining the electrical wires.

What are the risks of an electric short circuit?

An electrical short circuit can cause damage to the wires, insulation, and other components within the electrical circuitry. If a short circuit occurs in an appliance such as a refrigerator or washing machine, it may cause a fire or electric shock if it isn’t repaired promptly.

If you experience any electrical short circuit within your home, or you are worried that there might be an issue with loose wires then contact an emergency call-out electrician immediately.

While the risk of a fire is low, that risk still exists, and any short circuiting needs to be fixed immediately. If you experience an issue with an electrical short circuit during the evenings or at the weekend, then we can still help.

To fix the issue, a 24-hour electrician is needed, and we provide the highest level of electrical support for homes and small offices.

What to do if you experience an electric short circuit on a plug socket

If you experience an electric short circuit, the first action is to ensure the safety of any one nearby.

Make sure that exposed wires are out of reach, especially for any young children and, assuming there aren’t any medical emergencies or fires that need to be dealt with, call an emergency call-out electrician to fix the electrical fault.

Any faulty appliances or cables will need to be replaced and you will also need to have your electrical system safety checked to ensure there aren’t any further safety risks.